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About Us

Our Mission:

To inspire a Spiritual Lifestyle

Our Vision:

To Become Your Spiritual Lifestyle Companion

What is Ascended Thinker?

More and more people are beginning to pursue their deepest calling to become who they truly are on the path of self-love, healing and higher consciousness. Ascended Thinker shares thought leadership, journeys, events and the joy of following your deepest calling. Right now we are still in test mode as we continue to define how we achieve this. We appreciate your support!




We believe a conscious you, is someone who


Seeks out Truth

Indulges your Spirit

Follows your Intuition

Honours your Values

Pursues your Calling

Inspires your Creativity

Shares your Learnings

Recognizes our Interconnectedness


towards an Ascended World


Why Ascended Thinker?




Ascend is defined as “to rise”. And that is exactly what we are about. We seek to capture that moment when you surrender to your inner calling and “rise” with it.



Our Founder

Varinder Gill is inspired by that moment in someone’s life when they surrender to their inner calling and recognize what a blessing life is. Having grown up in South East Asia and pursued a career in Finance, she recently discovered who she really is.

“I am a creature of divine light and love. My song is love and my dance is its ecstasy. I see no division. I see only light. In darkness I see light and I will always see light. My story is to bring light out of darkness, bring love out of light and to bring feeling out of its ecstasy. I hold a code of emotion and of truth. One plays in tune with the other. I will make it my own divine light. I will see it shine through and through.

Tomorrow I will rise free of all that I have worked to clear within me. I have one space in which my hand is held and one space in which to fall. I will always rise as my hand is held. To fall is my own journey to bring the light out of darkness. I am whole. I am eternal. I am you.”

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